Solana memecoin WATER promoted in atypical instagram stories of Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho, as Mercury travels in trine to Rahu in sky

Solana memecoin WATER promoted in atypical instagram stories of Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho, as Mercury travels in trine to Rahu in sky

Lionel Messi promoted Solana memecoin WATER on his Instagram story on Monday, 8 July. Following this, Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho also posted a promotion for the same memecoin on his Instagram story on Tuesday, 9 July. In each case, the memecoin's logo, which is an emojified glass of water garnished with perhaps spearmint, smiling wryly while making a heart symbol with his hands, peeped over the shoulders of the football stars.

On Monday and Tuesday, the planets Mercury and Rahu travelled in trine to one another in the water element signs of Cancer and Pisces respectively.

Dividing the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections, trine means the planets are at the same degree, 4 or 8 sections displaced from each other. For example, in life when the Sun is rising on the Eastern horizon and the Moon is seen by turning the head 120º West, it means the Sun and Moon are in trine to one another.

Given the prominence of both football stars, the posts were quickly noticed and discussed across crypto and social media. But the posts, which had caused the price of WATER to surge were also deemed unusual, leading to speculation about their authenticity.

The combination of Mercury and Rahu generates new prolific memecoins as per Financial Astrologer Maya Raghavan’s research in the book MEMECOINS WITH ASTROLOGY. The memecoin’s name, WATER, references the water element of the signs of Cancer and Pisces where Mercury and Rahu travelled in trine during the event.

The coin WATER can keep running, as its unusual promotional event happened while Mercury and Rahu trined each other. However, because Venus is in Cancer, price action can display a lot of uncertainty. Furthermore, the launch date itself was not when Mercury and Rahu were in trine to each other, so the timeframe that WATER runs will likely not be extended the way that WIF and BONK were—it will not enter into the same memecoin pantheon. Furthermore, due to Mercury’s position with Mars in the Navamsha on these dates, it’s likely that Messi’s and Ronaldinho’s Instagram accounts were hacked in order to display Instagram stories featuring WATER. This is because Mercury and Mars together generate hacks on Earth.

From Wednesday 17 July until Monday 22 July, the planet Venus will be apparent in the sky in the middle of Cancer, and from Sunday 28 July until Friday 2 August, the Sun will be in trine to Rahu, generating further significant price moves for WATER. However after that it is unlikely that the coin continues to run. It is possible however that at the end of the first week of October due to the position of Mars in the sky, a final and similar attempt is made to drive WATER price up via celebrity social media accounts.

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