Solana Memecoin Wave Product Of Mercury Transit

Solana Memecoin Wave Product Of Mercury Transit

On Monday March 4th, the day that Sun entered Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra, and His sign of exaltation, Aries in the Navamsha of the sky several memecoins such as Jeo Boden or Danold Tromp took off in price in a big way.

These Solana tokens incorporate misspellings of leaders and celebrities’ names, especially by substituting the vowel sounds. More of these are being launched, constantly. They also feature pictures of the celebrity in question but with the face and neck morphed.

This is so interesting because all of this happened some days after Mercury passed the Sun and then passed Saturn, in the same day.

Surya Dev the Sun is our most powerful leaders, such as politicians and celebrities. Saturn is solid physical form, in its hardest state such as rock or ice itself. Mercury is the intellect and is trading.

It’s so funny that Mercury, passing Sun and then Saturn gave rise to memecoins based on an aesthetic morphing of celebrity and presidential names. The names are the Sun and the morphing is Saturn. It’s like how when something hits a rock, it will morph.

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