Solana SOL Prediction 2023-2026

Solana SOL Prediction 2023-2026

The following article was originally published on 17 September 2023 on the former shiningbull website and detailed in Episode 18 of THE CRYPTO ASTROLOGY PODCAST. Thus far, the onset of the Sun-Saturn Mahadasha at the beginning of October mentioned in the prediction initiated a strong price climb and many new airdrops within the Solana ecosystem along with the release of Solana's SAGA phone. Next, a drop in SOL price initiated at the end of the year 2023 as predicted. Please feel welcome to read the original prediction below.

On September 1st, Rune Christensen, MakerDAO's co-founder, suggested using a Solana blockchain fork for NewChain, which will host its new SubDAOs. He believes it's the best technical choice. This decision caused an uproar, with Vitalik selling around $500,000 worth of MKR, as many were disappointed that Ethereum wasn't chosen.

On September 5th, Visa announced they'd be using Solana's blockchain for their cross-border stablecoin transactions. Both these events show strong support for Solana from both the decentralized finance (DEFI) and traditional finance (TradFi) sectors.

Astrologically, however I See that Solana faces some challenges. Just after this optimistic news was coming in for Solana, Jupiter turned retrograde near Solana's natal Venus, which historically hasn't been good for Solana. That natal Venus is one of the main reasons for Solana’s biggest challenges to date. Soon, on October 2nd, a new astrological period will begin for Solana which looks problematic, that being the Sun Bhukti of the Saturn Mahadasha. At the year's end, another planetary shift can cause sudden losses for Solana and SOL price, but that drop will likely be short-lived, lasting only through to the end of January. So from now through to the end of January does not look good to me as a Financial Astrologer, for SOL token.

However, from March 30th to early June 2024, I See that SOL will experience a price surge due to Jupiter trining natal Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, three planets that are important for Solana’s institutional partnerships. That can create some very nice fast gains for SOL token holders.

But after this I See a strong price drop is likely for SOL. The fact is that the Solana natal chart has issues because of its launch timing at the new moon while the Moon was waning, and the positions of natal Venus, Mercury and Rahu-Ketu. Its other planets are very strong, but those four planets cause them a lot of problems.

The most significant gains for SOL as I See it only begin around mid-May 2025 due to the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on natal Jupiter, followed by the Saturn-Mars Dasha Bhukti, which will be very powerful. This will last until late May 2027 when Solana may face serious challenges.

Interestingly, this period of most powerful gains for SOL, which again goes from mid-May 2025 to late May of 2027, overlaps with a challenging period for Ethereum, as detailed in the "ETHEREUM BY 2026" book. It's possible that while Ethereum struggles in the year 2026, Solana and SOL might benefit. So on the longer term SOL can show some surprisingly powerful gains. 

But then by May 2027, astrological signs indicate potential major problems for Solana.

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