Stablecoins Become More Lucrative With Jupiter's Entry Into Taurus

Stablecoins Become More Lucrative With Jupiter's Entry Into Taurus

Stablecoins are becoming competitive between themselves and against other payment options such as credit cards and ACH fiat transfers. In April, Binance’s FUSD more than doubled its March volume, while USDT lost $38 billion in volume from March to April and USDC $8 billion. Ethena’s USDe had a volume of $13 billion at April’s end. Resonating with this activity, PayPal CEO Alex Chriss stated on an analyst call at the end of April that using its own native PYUSD stablecoin in cross-border transactions was an area “where we believe there are compelling unit economics and market upside.”

At the end of April, the planet Jupiter finished His travel through Aries, entering Taurus on 1 May. 

The rishis divided the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections or signs. Those equal sections began in specific places within groups of fixed stars, called Nakshatra. Sun’s entrance into those places produced observable shifts in the quality of light on Earth. Sun travels in each sign for one month, Jupiter for one year. So, Jupiter will transit for the next one year in Taurus. 

The planet Jupiter, Dev Guru generates expansiveness on Earth. Taurus generates the quality of stability. Over the next year, stablecoins will become more prominent and lucrative.

According to data analytics firm Nansen, the volume of USDT, USDC and DAI transactions combined in April was $1.369 trillion, surpassing Visa’s average monthly volume in 2023. 

Currently, Jupiter approaches the degree where Sun transited at PayPal’s IPO on 15 February, 2002, traveling in kendra or 3 signs displaced in the sky. PayPal’s natal Sun is located in the constellation or Nakshatra of Dhanishtha, which generates great wealth.

Beginning on Sunday 19 May, Jupiter approaches the degree of PayPal’s natal Mercury, traveling in trine or 4 signs displaced. At this moment, due to its PYUSD, PayPal will become competitive with the banking sector in a new way that can create wealth  for the company but will likely also bring enimity.

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