Tether Launches USDt And XAUT On TON As Moon Transits Purvaphalguni

Tether Launches USDt And XAUT On TON As Moon Transits Purvaphalguni

On Friday April 19th, Tether launched USDT on TON and its physical gold backed coin XAUT on TON too.

TON is Telegram’s network called the Open Network. And Telegram already has a lot of payment infrastructure and people already incorporate payments into their communications with one another on Telegram. It basically has its own economy because people make money on Telegram with their channels and sell goods over Telegram too. 

Because of the amount of users Telegram has, it looks like an important move. TON will be only the second chain after Ethereum that Tether launches its gold-backed coin XAUT on, which seems significant.

Friday when Tether launched USDT on TON Moon transited in a place in Leo, the Nakshatra of Purvaphalguni, which has been benefiting from a dual Jupiter-Saturn aspect since February. 

I mentioned TON in the SHININGBULL ALTCOINS 2024 book available right here on the shiningbull website (have a look around!) as one of the coins that especially benefits from that dual Jupiter-Saturn aspect on Purvaphalguni. 

Jupiter is gold and it really does seem to me as an Astrologer an important development that now, people on the huge global peer to peer marketplace which is the Telegram messaging app, will also be able to basically transact in gold with each other too.

Mercury Who rules messaging retrograded past Venus in Pisces on Friday, too, and that’s really an auspicious configuration for this launch. Venus rules liquidity and commerce and is exalted in Pisces.

When Venus and Mercury are together in Pisces it forms a special yoga called the Neech Bhang Raja Yoga, which means that Venus, the exalted planet, helps Mercury who is otherwise debilitated in Pisces.

What happens is Mercury and themes represented by Mercury benefit immensely from incorporating Venus’s way of doing things. I See that Telegram the app itself is going to benefit from this move by Tether, immensely.

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