Tether Responds To United Nations' Accusations

Tether Responds To United Nations' Accusations

On Monday January 15th the first day of Sun’s transit in Capricorn, the place where He has most digbala or directional strength, Tether published an official response to a report by the United Nations which named its Stablecoin USDT as playing a major role in money laundering activities in Asia. 

Surya Dev the Sun is our most powerful Leaders. Tether is the issuer of USDT and the 10th largest bitcoin holder worldwide, and they also hold more United States Treasuries than economically powerful countries including Mexico and the UAE. 

On January 15h, Sun transited in the first pada of Capricorn, which is a vargottama or highest category pada of the Nakshatra Uttarashadha. 

This place in the sky is related to powerful institutions, often financial institutions, and to self-expression as a means of solidifying reputation. Tether’s response can be read on their website.

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