Tether's USDT Passes $100 Billion In Market Capitalization

Tether's USDT Passes $100 Billion In Market Capitalization

On Monday March 4th late night UTC, USDT crossed a 100 billion dollar market cap for the first time. 

At that moment, Moon transited in the Gemini pada of Mula Nakshatra. 

The reason for USDT’s rapid increase in market cap was because with the recent onset of the bull market, more people were trading crypto, meaning that USDT was being used more as payment for other currencies or being bought to cash-out of them.

The location of Moon in the sky at that moment is a place which is known to rapidly change the wealth or standing of an individual in either direction. This is because the Nakshatra of Mula is the root, and the Gemini pada is a full 180º opposite from where the constellation is located in the sky. So, it can create drastic reversals.

On September 19th of this year 2024, USDT enters a whole new Mahadasha of Saturn. I See that Tether has developed a very clear goal for USDT, and that due to the immense strength of the USDT natal chart and of its exalted natal Saturn, USDT will begin to flourish especially due to specific heads of state in certain countries around the world. 

I have looked many times, and I See that although the crypto industry is super paranoid about Tether’s reserves, which is understandable, the chart shows that although the currency likely had a more dubious early history, there were some drastic internal changes that put it on a much clearer path ahead. 

Even though I have looked many times and even though I myself have wondered about their reserves and about the sort of secretive vibe that the entity Tether seems to exude somehow, as an Astrologer I keep seeing that these doubts are not warranted as per the current state of the USDT currency.

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