This Meme Coin Bull Run Is Different From Bull Runs Previous

This Meme Coin Bull Run Is Different From Bull Runs Previous

The past week, Solana price has been moving against the rest of the crypto market, gaining during a period where most of the industry was in a downturn.

This is because of a lot of meme coin trading happening on Solana. There have been a lot of Solana meme coins released playing on morphing the names of leaders and celebrities and this happened as a result of Mercury passing the Sun and Saturn in rapid succession. 

Surya Dev the Sun rules our most powerful leaders and celebrities and Saturn can morph objects with impact.

I have a special article all about the future of SOL price. In it I mention that SOL will increase significantly between March 30th to early June of this year 2024. 

Aside from this but possibly related, I See that the way that meme coins rise in the coming months is going to be something we have probably not seen before. Meme coins are going to rise in a much more ballooning and unending type of way. This is because of Mercury’s long transit with Rahu coinciding with the end of Jupiter’s transit in Aries. Both of these factors, Mercury relating to Rahu in the sky and Jupiter experiencing an important moment in transit lends to the propogation of meme coins.

In my new book SHININGBULL ALTCOINS 2024, I feature altcoins which are likely to do very well in the current bull run and amongst other categories of coins, I include the major meme coins that I See will do well. They’re big names so you won’t be surprised but if you want some portfolio suggestions based on which projects are being especially supported by the transit of Jupiter and Saturn and all of the other planets in the sky, then you might be interested in my book. SHININGBULL ALTCOINS 2024 isn’t financial advice but it is a valuable book no less.

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