Tokenized Hotel Project In El Salvador Rendered A Sustainable Model By Dual Jupiter Saturn Aspect

Tokenized Hotel Project In El Salvador Rendered A Sustainable Model By Dual Jupiter Saturn Aspect

Bitfinex Securities is Bitfinex’s El Salvador licensed platform, and is going to be launching a new token with the ticker HILSV, on May 13th. HILSV is a token issued by Inversiones Laguardia, a company in El Salvador.

HILSV will be on the Liquid Network which is a Bitcoin sidechain, and it will trade with the pairs USD and USDT.

This token is a tokenized debt meaning that people who buy it will get 10% interest on their investment over a period of 5 years. After that 5 years their investment principle is returned.

The money raised from this token issuance is going to be used by Inversiones Laguardia to build a Hilton hotel at El Salvador’s international airport.

The hotel will create jobs for construction workers building it and also for people who work in the hotel itself. This is a great example of the dual aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on Purvaphalguni Nakshatra. That dual aspect began on February 10th of this year. Jupiter expands and gives wealth, and Saturn is workers and work itself.

Venus who rules the Nakshatra Purvaphalguni is currently exalted in the 12th sign of Pisces which indeed relates to international airports because it relates to the journey to unknown territories. When this HILSV token issuance goes live on Bitfinex Securities on May 13th, Venus Himself will transit in the exact place in the sky where Jupiter currently transits at the announcement of this upcoming token issuance.

When something comes about due to a dual Jupiter Saturn aspect, it is always something important and significant and typically positive, and sustainable. So this looks like an interesting model to watch and a type of financing model that other countries or jurisdictions on the globe could adopt with success.

Shukracharaya Venus rules sharing and collaboration. He also rules a Nakshatra called Purvaphalguni in the heart of the sign of Leo. Purvaphalguni is a place in the sky which generates the theme of relaxation and luxury onto events on the Earth plane. This is in part due to the visual image created by the constellation, of the front part of a bed.

What Bitfinex’s launch of Inversiones Laguardia‘s HISLV token reminds me of is like a funding done by wealthier citizens of critical infrastructure for their country on a case by case basis in a way that both generates returns for these investors but also creates more wealth for the population at large.

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