Unprecedented Bitcoin Supply Demand Surprise Incoming

Unprecedented Bitcoin Supply Demand Surprise Incoming

In my book BITCOIN BY 2026 I said “I predict that the 2024 btc Halving happens on Wednesday 13 March 2024. On this date, Saturn is aspecting conjunct Moon and Jupiter in Aries from Aquarius, with Bitcoin’s Mars Mahadasha having begun just four days previous on 9 March 2024. Sun on this date is about to enter Pisces, to transit btc’s natal Jupiter.”

Halving happening on March 13th seems unlikely as per recent estimates that halving will happen on April 21st. 

However, I have been looking into this and I See that indeed something very powerful relating to bitcoin supply is indeed going to happen as per the prediction in my book, on Wednesday March 13th. 

Interestingly although I did not base the prediction in my book on this at all, I just found out that in the year 2020 preceding the last halving, on Friday May 1st, when Mars was in the last degrees of Capricorn, suddenly something unusual happened where bitcoin miners produced 16 blocks in a single hour instead of the typical 6 blocks. 

At that moment, Mars was at 28º Capricorn and Moon was in exact opposition, on bitcoin’s natal Mars at the very end of the sign of Cancer.

As I just quoted from my book BITCOIN BY 2026, this Saturday March 9th bitcoin begins an entirely new Mahadasha, of Mars. This is enormous. This is of enormous importance. It means that bitcoin starts playing a completely new role. And on Tuesday March 12th, the day before I had predicted the halving happening in my book, Mars will be at 28º of Capricorn again.

What I have to say is that this Friday night UTC, I See that there is a news item about a leader taking some action in relation to bitcoin especially. This is because Mercury will be transiting bitcoin’s natal Jupiter and will join Mars in Leo in the Navamsha.

You may have noticed that on on Saturday February 24th I started tweeting, saying “we have etfs in the us, coming up in hk. but now what happens when certain economic alliances start buying bitcoin with commitment and dedication as reserves or to settle their trades? the etfs are etfs. nations are nations.” As an Astrologer I Saw that a big move was coming up much bigger than the etfs, related to national governments buying bitcoin. I was preparing that week’s prediction and I saw this and this is why I tweeted a little bit prolifically in the space of just a few minutes.

Four days later, Edward Snowden tweeted “Prediction: A national government will be revealed this year to have been buying Bitcoin—the modern replacement for monetary gold—without having disclosed that fact publicly.” And I asked myself if he had read my book BITCOIN COUNTRIES, which you yourselves might want to take a look at if you have it.

Although there has been a lot of talk about demand shock due to the ETFs, and even though everyone assumed that Coinbase going berserk last Wednesday was because of too much retail demand on their platform, what I’m seeing is that a new factor is at play and that factor is a national government. 

Something huge related to bitcoin supply and demand variables is going to begin this Saturday and it is going to have a very clear effect on Wednesday March 13th.

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