Upcoming FOMC Meeting Looks Problematic For Markets

Upcoming FOMC Meeting Looks Problematic For Markets

The next time the FOMC is meeting is January 30-31st.

The last time the FOMC cut interest rates was on March 3rd of 2020.

Dev Guru Jupiter rules policy.

At the next meeting at the end of this month, Mercury and Mars are in almost the exact same place to the degree minute that Dev Guru Jupiter was at their meeting back in 2020 when they cut rates as a response to the effects of the Covid19 virus on the US economy. 

But, Mercury and Mars are enemies. I See that this conjunction will create a lack of clarity within that FOMC meeting that will not be good for markets.

However, due to the trine of Shukracharya Venus to Dev Guru Jupiter, it looks like a type of inspirational promise will be made about the future which is likely to take prices up, starting in early February once Mars enters Capricorn.

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