US election day to show volatile presidential meme coin trading action due to turbulent relative positions of Mercury, Mars and Rahu

US election day to show volatile presidential meme coin trading action due to turbulent relative positions of Mercury, Mars and Rahu

455000 meme coins launched on Solana in May. Meanwhile, BRETT became Base’s first meme coin to attain a market capitalization of $1 billion. And in the midst of it, the price of presidential meme coins seemed to respond to the current events of their namesakes, or perhaps vice versa: when a Manhattan court found Donald Trump guilty of paying “hush money” to porn film star Stormy Daniels, Trump meme coins TRUMP and TREMP first fell and then recovered strongly, TRUMP reaching an all-time-high. After the verdict, Trump fundraised $52.8 million.

In May, the planet Mars travelled in Pisces with Rahu. In the first ten days of that month, Mercury also travelled in-sign. 

As per the research of Financial Astrologer, when Mercury and Rahu travel in the same sign together, meme coins become a theme on Earth. The planet Mars, seen as red from Earth and considered by the rishis to be the General of the Army of the Gods, generates competition on Earth.

After Mercury left Pisces, Mars continued in-sign with Rahu through the rest of May.

The United States Presidential election date is Tuesday 5 November. Tuesday is Mars’s day. The knowledge of the rishis as to the planetary rulers of the days is preserved in many languages across linguistic families on Earth. On Tuesdays generally speaking Martian energy is more prevalent on Earth.

On Tuesday 5 November, Mercury, Mars and Rahu will be travelling in trine to each other.

Dividing the sky of an infinite radius extending outward from the center point, Earth into 12 equal sections, trine means the planets are at the same degree, 4 or 8 sections displaced from each other. On the United States election day, a person standing in a place on Earth where When Mercury is rising on the Eastern horizon, turning the head 120º West could see Mars in the sky and at that moment Rahu would be 120º underneath the horizon, yet to rise.

Mars will be travelling in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the sign where Mars is the weakest—it is a sensitive sign, ruled by Moon and Mars being an Army General has a difficult time there. Since Mercury will be in Scorpio and Scorpio is ruled by Mars, this day looks turbulent. 

However, due to Mercury’s trine to Rahu, the week leading upto the election will also be rife with volatile meme coin trading. Therefore it is likely that the currently emerging theme of meme coins price responding to the current events of their namesakes in the case of presidential candidates, will be in full swing.

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