Vitalik Speaks On Rainbow Staking At ETH Taipei To Avert Future Problems

Vitalik Speaks On Rainbow Staking At ETH Taipei To Avert Future Problems

On Thursday March 21st, Vitalik Buterin spoke on something called “rainbow staking” at his speech at ETH Taipei.

Rainbow staking is an idea that was presented on February 15th on an Ethereum research forum, by Barnabe Monot, as Moon transited with Jupiter, with Ketu in the 6th House from Moon. Ketu is currently approaching Ethereum’s natal Rahu, which means that a nodal inversion is taking place for Ethereum. A nodal inversion is an important checkpoint which typically functions to set the individual back on track.

Vitalik explained it at ETH Taipei as differentiating staking into light and heavy staking amongst both solo and institutional stakers. This can lead to an Ethereum staking landscape which is less centralized.

At the moment that Vitalik was speaking at ETH Taipei, Moon was transiting in 2nd House of speaking, in exact opposition to his natal Venus. He also spoke about creating a way to make solo staking more attractive to people who hold 32 ether but delegate it to providers such as Lido and so on.

As Vitalik was speaking, Sun was transiting Ethereum’s natal Ketu. Again, natal Ketu is directly implicated in Ethereum’s approaching nodal inversion. For these reasons, Rainbow Staking looks like an important and enlightened idea which should be taken seriously by Ethereum developers because it can create a better long-term outcome for Ethereum. This is important not just to people who participate in Ethereum, but to the world.

That’s because as I mention in my book ETHEREUM BY 2026, Ethereum’s oncoming nodal inversion which will be exact in mid-December of this year 2024, sets a new path for Ethereum where it assumes a prominent role in global finance itself, meaning in the fiat system also. Please read that book if you have not already done so.

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