Vitalik Tweets On ENS And Layer 2s

Vitalik Tweets On ENS And Layer 2s

On Wednesday January 3rd, when Surya Dev the Sun transited in the Virgo pada of Purvashadha Nakshatra in the sign of Sagittarius, Vitalik Buterin tweeted that all L2s or Layer 2 Solutions should be running on trustless, Merkle-proof based CCIP or Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol resolvers, specifically so that ENS or Ethereum Name Service subdomains can be registered, updated, and readable directly on L2 solutions.

That would mean that using ENS subdomains would be faster, cheaper and more efficient. Vitalik ended his tweet with “ENS is super-important, it needs to be affordable!”

Surya Dev the Sun is our most powerful Leaders, and Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, is one of the great leaders within the crypto industry. The place in the sky where Sun transited when Vitalik tweeted is known for being a work oriented, inspirational strategist.

ENS subdomains are a way for institutions, organizations and the like to manage multiple ENS addresses that are grouped under a primary ENS domain.  

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