Worldcoin Challenged By Nations And By Ketu Transit Over Natal Moon

Worldcoin Challenged By Nations And By Ketu Transit Over Natal Moon

On Wednesday March 6th, as Moon transited in trine to Jupiter in the sky, Spain’s Data Protection Agency the AEPD put a cautionary ban on Worldcoin’s operations in their country, so that Worldcoin stops scanning the eyeballs of the Spanish people and also so that they do not use any of the biodata obtained to this point.

The AEPD says that they have identified great risks in the operations of Tools For Humanity, which is the company behind Worldcoin.

Meanwhile, on Monday March 4th, right after Sun entered Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra, South Korea’s Personal Information Commission is planning on undertaking an investigation of the data collection or eyeball scanning practices of Worldcoin affiliates in their country, saying that legal action will be taken if they find any evidence that their laws are being broken. 

Sun in Purvabhadrapada is the government dealing with intense matters, and because Jupiter is transiting in Aries, administrators are being informed by a greater knowledge or a greater understanding related to potential ramifications of Worldcoin.

During all of this, Mars was transiting in the Cancer pada of Shravana Nakshatra. This means that authorities in various countries are trying to protect their own people. Ketu relates to Artificial Intelligence, and Mars was at that moment accompanied by Ketu in the Navamsha. Mangal Mars is represented by the police and by the authorities.

I See that beginning in mid-April after Mars passes Saturn in Aquarius, and Sun enters into His exaltation in Aries, administrators will speak with informed clarity relating to their findings and their decisions on Worldcoin’s operations in their respective countries.

So this could be a moment to watch in the case that you are an investor in Worldcoin. Another important note is that at the beginning of March when spain and South Korea announced their investigations into worldcoin, Mars was also trining the Moon in Worldcoin’s natal chart. 

Currently, Ketu is approaching Worldcoin’s natal Moon in Hasta Nakshatra. So I see that these actions by various countries against Worldcoin’s activities have a high likelihood of having serious repercussions on their path forward.

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