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Please note that this 19 page book is only meant for people such as my whales, who can afford to loose whatever they invest in meme coins.

It’s simply a tool to notice which dates promising meme coins are most likely to launch from now til the end of 2026 as per my vedic astrological analysis.

In this book I first give three case studies, namely SHIB, PEPE and WIF, showing the similar configurations which caused each of them to become phenomenas of meme.

Next I simply list dates from now through to the end of the year 2026, which I See that the same configurations repeat and are thusly likely to generate successful meme coin runs here on the Earth Plane. That is all. Please do not take this book as any type of advice or encouragement to engage in meme coin trading. 

*This is an e-book which you will be able to download via a link after checkout. You’ll also receive a link via e-mail. So please disregard where it says “Shipping calculated at checkout” as there is no shipping, as this is an e-book.

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